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We've created this page to help you navigate the website and give you more information about each of the pages on the website. Please check back often for new content and updates!

Classmate Profiles

Each classmate has a personal page to tell us what they've been up to since high school and what they are doing now. There are several optional profile questions to help make it easy for you to create your Classmate Profile. You don't have to answer each one (unless you want to).

Classmates also are encouraged to upload past and current photos of themselves so we can recognize each other at Target, an airport, future reunions, or wherever else we may bump into each other.

Once you create your Profile, you will also be able to see the profiles of your fellow classmates and other exclusive pages only available to registered members.

Added bonus! You can send private emails to classmates through the website by going to their Profile Page and sending them a private message. Your email addresses (and theirs) will remain anonymous, unless you choose to share it. You don't even have to know their current email address to send them a message.

Worried about who sees your Profile and contact info?

Control your Profile visibility - By checking the Profile Visibility box in your Profile, only registered Classmates will be able to view your Profile details. It will block the public and search engines from accessing your Profile.

Your contact information can remain private if you choose - All contact info that you enter into your Profile is kept hidden unless you choose to share it with your classmates. By checking the Contact Details box in your Profile, your contact info (email, phone number and street address) stays private.  This info is NEVER available to the public or search engines even if the box is checked. (Reunion committee members listed on the Home Page will only use your contact info to contact you about the reunions via email and phone.)

To create your Profile:

  1. Click on the Classmate Profiles link. This will take you to a page with all your classmate names, including yours.
  2. Find your name and click on it. (If your name isn't listed, Contact Us.)
  3. Follow the prompts to create your Profile. The password that you enter during this process will be used as your login password.
  4. Personalize your Profile by adding info such as what have you been up to since high school, your family, and photos.

Photo Gallery

View photos others have posted from the reunions and our high school days. You can also upload photos you have!

Our 1992 Predictions

In the June 2, 1992 issue of The Granitian, predictions were made for the Class of 1992. What did our school Nostradamus predict for you? Visit the Our 1992 Predictions page to find out!

1992 History/Videos

What in the world was going on in 1992 (besides us graduating from high school)? Visit the 1992 History/Videos page to go back in time to see what was happening and popular as we were entering the real world.

Missing Classmates

We’ve been feverishly looking all over the world (ok, the World Wide Web) to locate our Missing Classmates, but we haven’t found current contact info for everyone just yet. Please check out this page and help us find our Missing Classmates. We want everyone to have the opportunity to know about the site and stay informed about future reunions.

In Memory

Sadly, we have classmates who are no longer with us. This page lists those classmates and gives details about them. Take the time to share a memory of these classmates. If you have information about other deceased classmates, please send us their information.

Message Boards

Chat with your classmates on a variety of topics! Jump into a conversation or start a new one.

Contact Us

If you have any problems with the website or questions on how to set up your Profile page, use this page to send a message to the reunion committee.